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Just a reminder to everyone that the Summer League is open for registration. But you need to hurry, registration ends May 26 so grab your friends and join.

Here is a handy link provided by the power of the internet.…


Registration for the 2014 SPUFA Fall League is now open. Head over to the Leagues tab and sign on up.

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Feb 27, 2014
Stevens Point, WI

Announcing 2014 Summer League

Summer 2014 Disc Proof Gold

Hello Spufans,

The snow is still on the ground, but the anticipation is growing for the Stevens Point Ultimate Frisbee Association Summer League 2014.  This year will work similar to last year with a few exceptions, but we’ll get to those…

Hello Spufans,

I hope this SPUFA off-season has been fun and exciting for everyone.  I would like to announcement that the Webmaster account, and responsibilities that come along with it, have been passed onto me.  Currently, I am finishing up Summer…

Spooky Spufans!!

Tomorrow, 31 October 2013 is Halloween and we are having the End of the Season Party and Championship Game at Iverson Park!!  Friends and Family are invited, and there will be food, frisbee and fun for all.  Wear…

It's game day!

Today will consist of two games and will be treated as pre-season warm up games to allow us to get to know our teams.

Our volunteers will be set up early at Goerke Park to accept payment and waivers at 5pm, playtime is 6pm. Bring a light and dark shirt to differentiate teams, as jerseys aren't in yet.




Cleats are highly recommended, and good-natured smiles are a must.

Let's give it a whirl,